Offer of funeral institute

Dear Customers!

During these hard moments of grieving we offer you traditional and complex funeral services. Beginning from organizing ceremonies, selling coffins, funeral accessories, garlands, bouquets and flowers, through doing standard formalities, finally we can organize a funeral party in our private locals.

Salon sales

sale of coffins, accessories and clothes for mourners


high standard of corpse storage – open 24 hours


exposition of the corpse during the prayer and before the funeral


computer engraving milling and engraving plates tombstone

Garlands and bouquets
making and selling garlands, bouquets and flowers

possibility of corpse cremation if family has such wish

is leaded by a nice and warm personnel of the Funeral House – “Zacisze”

24h, transport from apartments (also on Sundays and in holidays).
Transport – country and abroad, funeral conducts.